Professional Office Package.

If you are just beginning your search for office space, or growing and expanding your business into new markets: if you need to reduce you real estate expenses or adjust your space requirements, Oak Park Executive Suites can provide you the flexibility and value to meet your needs.

If you have the need for a full-time office, we can provide a comprehensive solution with our Professional Office Package. Our business support services are used by a wide variety of individuals and businesses, including clients who require a physical office: "virtual office" users who do not require a physical office; and others who require these services on a one-time or occasional basis without the need for full-time office space.

Oak Park Executive Suites is located in the heart of Old Town Temecula. We offer office spaces with a combination of floor plans starting from 140 sq ft. up to 500 sq ft. We have rooms with private entry or with beautiful views of Old Town.

We can show a couple of benefits of having your own office in Oak Park Executive Suites:

  • Private office(s) with utilities and janitorial
  • Reception area with live receptionist
  • Conference room(s) with visual aids
  • High Speed internet Access
  • Clerical Support
  • Incoming and outgoing mail handling

> High Speed Internet<

Connectivity is never an afterthought of us, and we certainly know it is not where you want to spend time. Installation, training and maintenance can be both frustrating and very time consuming - not to mention expensive.

Oak Park Executive Suites we can provide you access to the infrastructure you need to help you succeed in your business. All of our suites have high speed broadband internet lines to ensure highest level of service, plus most of our suites offer free wireless internet for convenience to you and your visitors.

> Mail Receipt <

Receiving mail at a home address or mail box number may not be the image you want to project for your company. If this is the case, as our client, you will have a recognized business address and receive all your incoming mail and packages. In addition, our helpful staff can help you prepare, package and deliver all of your outgoing correspondence or overnight shipments.

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The communication and Reception package allows us to answer you calls and announce your guests and clients. We will keep you in up-to-the-minute touch with your business world.

Services Includes :

  • Receptionist
  • Call Forwarding
  • Manual Message Taking
  • Caller Greeting and Screening
  • Outside Call Transfer


The montly rent includes all utilities and janitorial services as well as unlimited use of the conference room and kitchen. Each tenant is responsible for telephone equipment and expense.

Move-in Expenses:

In addition to the First Month's Rent, a Security Deposit equal to the first month's rent, a Key Deposit, Sign Fee and a one time administrative Start-up Fee are required.

Conference room and Kitchen:

These Facilities are for the convenience and comfort of all our tenants.
The receptionist keeps a reservation book at her desk.

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